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Mike Bloomberg called a father and son who died from heroin overdoses at the same Brooklyn party “not a good family,” which prompted laughter from a crowd of business executives, according to the Daily News.

At the Bermuda Executive Forum in Manhattan last March, the billionaire ex-mayor referred to a Daily News front-page story about the tragic October 2017 deaths of Joseph and Carlos Andrade. 

“Daily News had a picture on the front page of a father and a son -- they both OD’d at the same party. I mean, it’s not a good family -- craziness,” Bloomberg said to chuckles from the audience.

Joseph Andrade, 44, and his son Carlos, 22, were found unconscious outside an apartment in Greenwood Heights after using heroin at a birthday party. They were taken to a hospital where they both died. 

Bloomberg’s past remarks are continuing to resurface as he vies for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“And then we are going hellbent for whether in this country to legalize marijuana, another addictive drug, where we've never done the research to what it does to people,” Bloomberg said. “Maybe, in the end, it’s going to turn out that it doesn’t hurt, but preliminary evidence shows it reduces a teenage user of marijuana’s IQ by 10 points and it doesn’t come back.”

Bloomberg was referencing a handful of studies from 2012 that have since been debunked by the federal government’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, which concluded there’s no “causal relationship between marijuana use and IQ loss.”

Rather than respond to questions about the video itself, a Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman pointed to his commitment in 2018 to donating $50 million to opioid addiction prevention programs in 10 states. 

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