In 2019, It’s More Dangerous To Be In America Than To Travel Abroad

Pexels/Public Domain

International travel is very safe, with only a fraction of Americans dying abroad than here in the US.

With bombings, robberies, and a constant barrage of scary stories from outside the US, many people fear travelling abroad, but only 724 Americans died from unatural causes while abroad, according to Quartz.

This number, reported by the State Department, is surprisingly low when compared to the more than 15,000 murders that occur inside the United States. In the last 8 years, people travelling to international destinations has increased 50%. In 2018, over 56 million people travelled internationally by airplane outside the US and around 3 million citizens are on an international trip any given day. This number doesn’t even factor in all the people driving or going by boat to Canada and Mexico.

All these numbers show us that a very small fraction of Americans abroad are in danger of death by unnatural causes. You might even be safer being abroad than you are here in the states.

Six Americans were killed in 2018 by a terrorist incident, 10 died from an airplane crash, but the highest cause of death for Americans abroad is from motor vehicle accidents. There were 167 Americans that died last year from motor vehicle accidents, around one-third of all deaths.

Three times as many Americans were killed by lightning than by terrorist attacks abroad. Travelling internationally is fairly safe as long as you remember to be smart and “buckle your seatbelt.”

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