In 2019, Chuck Woolery Said Supporting Trump ‘Pretty Much Destroyed My Career’

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People who disagree with conservative support for Trump "want to destroy your life," Chuck Woolery complained on Fox.

Former game show host Chuck Woolery appeared on Fox & Friends in November 2019 to complain that his life has been ruined due to his vocal support of President Donald Trump.

  • Woolery had tweeted the week before that he has “pretty much destroyed my career by openly supporting Trump and letting all know, I am a conservative” but said he “would do it all again.”
  • On Fox, the one-time host of Love Connection said he sent out the tweet last week knowing he has been shadow-banned by Twitter: "It was kind of a self-deprecating tweet I sent out because I know I'm shadow-banned. I've got about 650 or 700,000 followers.”
  • "I know the half of them don't get what I say. So I sent this thing out just as kind of a test -- because it made me look [like] I was losing in life. And it just went crazy -- it was the biggest tweet I ever had in my life. So as long as you're a loser they love you,” he told co-host Brian Kilmeade.
  • Woolery went on to say that companies he currently represents have been “bombarded” with hate from people who disagree with his political views.

"These people sit in their basement, and they make it look like there are thousands of people complaining about Chuck Woolery or about the products and who he represents -- and 'how could you let this fascist, racist guy represent your company' -- when none of it is true.” he said. “And these are the same people by the way who I get on Twitter [saying] 'I watched you when I was growing up. I loved you... What happened to you?'"

  • People are not content to simply disagree with your political views, Woolery lamented, “they want to destroy your life.”

Prior to Trump's ascendance to the White House, Woolery was representing a mail-order catheter company.

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Maybe now he can get a gig hawking Goya bean products.

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