In 2019, 9M Fewer Americans Expected To Have Health Insurance

The White House/Flickr

Policies put forth by President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers will drive coverage numbers down next year.

A recent report from the Urban Institute says three key measures taken by President Donald Trump, along with Congressional Republicans' move to repeal Obamacare's individual mandate, will result in approximately 9 million fewer Americans covered by health insurance next year.

Trump's actions include the discontinuation of federal support of a key Obamacare subsidy, the reduction of advertising and assistance for Obamacare's open enrollment season and the proposed expansion of short-term insurance policies. The Congressional Budget Office does not consider consumers with such policies to be insured.

Last year the CBO estimated about 4 million people would opt out of coverage if the individual mandate was repealed. The Urban Institute puts the number at 6.4 million after also factoring in the reduced federal support for the open enrollment period.

The report puts the number of Americans opting for short-term policies, those based on health status and offering less coverage, in the ballpark of 2.5 million.

All together, an expected 9 million fewer Americans will be fully covered by health insurance next year.