In 2018, Health Inspectors Found Evidence Of Vermin At Trump Tower's Restaurant

Credit: Donald Trump / Twitter

NYC health inspectors say Trump’s restaurants have evidence of mice, filthy food prep areas, and broken sewage systems.

Since 2014, New York City health inspectors have repeatedly found unsanitary conditions, including vermin (or conditions conducive for vermin) at Trump-branded restaurants in New York City, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

In 2018, the President's New York City eateries were hit with multiple sanitary violations by City's Department of Health.

In particular, his Trump Tower restaurant was found to be infested with live roaches and mice when it was inspected that year.

This is not the first time that Trump's restaurants were found in violation of the Department of Health's sanitary codes.

The Trump Tower eatery has been written up for various health code violations every year since 2014, including sightings of “live roaches” in 2016 and “filth flies” in 2017. But inspectors have not — until now — found mice tracks at the posh establishment.

Violations at the President’s crown jewel and Manhattan residence — Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue — are perhaps the most gag-inducing.

City Department of Health inspectors visited the tower’s cafe and grill on July 11, 2018 and found “evidence of mice or live mice” in and around the kitchen, according to records that haven’t previously been reported. The inspectors categorized the violation as “critical.”

A former employee of Trump Tower's restaurant told the Daily News that cared more for the appearance of luxury than for cleanliness.

“He has always been far more focused on creating an image for his properties than in spending what it takes to make them excellent.”

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