In 2018, GOP-Backed House Candidate Used N-Word In Anti-Black Rant On Facebook

GOP-backed House candidate Mike CargileScreengrab / Cargile For Congress / YouTube


Mike Cargile has posted and shared bigoted content on his Facebook.

According to Media Matters for America, writer and GOP-backed House candidate Mike Cargile posted a racist rant in 2018 “in which he used the n-word and told Black people to ‘quit blaming white folks for your problems.’”

  • Cargile, who is running in California’s 35th Congressional District against incumbent Democratic Rep. Norma Torres, “has frequently posted bigoted content on Facebook,” Media Matters reported.
  • On June 13, 2018, Cargile “shared an anti-Obama meme from the ‘political news’ site Truth Uncensored which showed several famous Black conservatives and read ‘so, let me get this straight...if I like these black men – but not this one I’m a racist!?!”
  • In the comments section, Cargile went on a racist rant, saying that “because of your boy, Obama” he would now “identify as an angry black man.”
  • Media Matters wrote that Cargile said he would “start yelling the n-word and, among other things, say that ‘whitey’ has ‘been keeping us down!’ Cargile concluded by writing: ‘Quit blaming white folks for your problems...Go to school. Get a job. Be a doctor. Start a business. Do something with the life God gave you and quit making excuses.”

Cargile has continuously posted bigoted memes on Facebook, including sharing memes which “questioned whether Muslim members of Congress are working with terrorists” and “suggested that LGBTQ people are leading to the end of days,” Media Matters reported.

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