In 2017, Around 39 Journalists Were Murdered Globally

Screengrab/Al Jazeera English/YouTube

A further 54 are currently held hostage by groups like ISIS.

A report released Tuesday by Reporters Without Borders indicated that 65 journalists and media workers were killed in 2017. This is the lowest count in the past 14 years.

According to RSF, 26 people “were killed in the course of their work, the collateral victims of a deadly situation such as an air strike, an artillery bombardment, or a suicide bombing.”

It said the remaining 39 “were murdered, and deliberately targeted because their reporting threatened political, economic, or criminal interests.”

The report said that, while the toll of journalists lost this year was lower, more women were killed this year than last:

The overall downward trend did not apply to women, as 10 female reporters were killed this year, double the previous year’s total.

RSF said many of the female victims were “experienced and determined investigative reporters with an abrasive writing style.”

RSF also noted that 54 journalists are currently being held hostage by groups such as ISIS:

“Almost three quarters of these hostages come from the ranks of local journalists, who are usually paid little and often have to take enormous risks,” RSF said. “The foreign journalists currently held hostage were all kidnapped in Syria but little is known about their present location.”