In 2016, McConnell Said He’d Drop Trump Like A “Hot Rock” If He Became Liability

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One must wonder what it will take for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to abandon the president.

In February of 2016, well before Donald Trump was elected as president, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was not shy about his plan for dealing with the political outsider if he won the Republican nomination.

"We'll drop him like a hot rock,” McConnell reportedly told associates of then-candidate Trump, devising an alternate plan to run Senate candidates separate from the now-president.

The Kentucky Republican worried that Trump’s name on the ticket might hurt down-ballot races, as voters who opposed his nomination might not lend support to other Republican candidates, potentially jeopardizing GOP control of the Senate.

Now that Trump is in the Oval Office, McConnell has largely steered clear of the many scandals to rock Trump’s presidency, frequently offering no comment on the tweet of the day or downplaying the president’s undiplomatic tendencies — he’s more likely to appease the “hot rock” than drop it.

In the face of possible impeachment proceedings, McConnell has not yet budged from his position, saying as recently as Monday that Democrats are “politicizing” the situation.

After explaining that the Senate Intelligence Committee is attempting to get the inspector general of the intelligence community to testify on the whistleblower complaint this week, McConnell said, "It is regrettable that House Intelligence Chairman [Adam] Schiff and Sen. [Chuck] Schumer have chosen to politicize the issue, circumventing the established procedures."

The pair have demanded action on allegations that Trump enlisted a foreign government to assist him politically by investigating former Vice President Joe Biden, and further, that he might have withheld military aid in an effort to apply greater pressure.

McConnell’s “hot rock” just keeps getting hotter, and even as other prominent Republicans have indicated they might be at their wits end with Trump, McConnell doesn't seem ready to let him go.


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