In 2016, Lindsey Graham Said Trump Would “Destroy The Party For Decades To Come”


Sen. Lindsey Graham said Donald Trump would destroy the Republican party "for decades to come" in an interview in 2016.

Everything that’s posted online stays there forever, right? That’s certainly the case for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

“65% of the Republican party would like to vote for somebody other than Donald Trump. We’re about to nominate the one person that would destroy the party for decades to come,” Graham said on Face the Nation, a weekly morning public affairs program on CBS, in 2016.

“I’d rather lose without Trump than try to win with him,” he continued. 

Now a fiercely ardent Trump defender, the Republican senator claimed earlier this month that he would not pretend to be a “fair juror” in a Senate trial of Donald Trump, and would do everything in his power to make the impeachment die quickly.

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Mr. Bates
Mr. Bates

He was right in 2016. He's wrong today.


Putin has videos of trump and trump has videos of Grahm. Understand this shyt now?

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