In 2008, Hannity Said: If You Cheat On Your Spouse, You’ll Cheat On Your Country

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When the unfaithful candidate was Democrat John Edwards, Sean Hannity railed against the credibility of cheaters.

A presidential candidate who has cheated on his wife cannot be trusted to be honest with the American people, according to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

But Hannity was not talking about his good friend Donald Trump. Rather, the conservative television and talk show host held this view when it was a Democratic presidential candidate who was caught being unfaithful.

Media Matters put together a compilation of the times Hannity said on air in 2008 that John Edwards could not be trusted due to his extramarital affair and subsequent lies about it.

“You’re living a life that’s a lie. If you’re not honest, it’s a character issue,” Hannity said of Edwards. “Don’t we have a right to know before we elect somebody?”

“If you cheat on your wife, are you going to be honest with your country?” the Fox host wondered aloud.

At another point, Hannity pondered whether there is “any level of love” or “concern” on the part of a cheating husband. And he termed such behavior as a “fundamental issue.”

“I want to go back to this fundamental issue,” Hannity said. “You got to explain this to me. I’m just not getting this… If you can’t keep the promise to your family, can’t keep your promise to your wife, you’re having an affair, you’re lying about the affair repeatedly — why should the American people trust you when you say you’re not going to lie to them?

For the records, Trump reportedly has cheated on all three of his wives and lied about it.


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