In 1993, The GOP Healthcare Plan Looked Almost Exactly Like Obamacare


While the bills were not equivalent, they were very similar.

The Affordable Care Act is very similar to the GOP healthcare plan in 1993. According to Politifact, Obamacare closely resembles the Republican bill Health Equity and Access Reforms Today (HEART). The bill was sponsored by Republican Senator John Chafee and 20 co-sponsors, 18 of which were Republican.

HEART included an individual mandate, the creation of purchasing pools, standardized benefits, insurance vouchers for the poor, and a ban on denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. These are all similarities to Obamacare.

On the other hand, the bill didn’t expand Medicaid, like Obamacare had and it had medical malpractice tort reform, unlike Obamacare.

Princeton University health care scholar Paul Starr said, “The Chafee plan did not spell out how increased coverage would be financed. It was more of a symbolic bill than an actual piece of legislation.”

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