In 1934, A Historian Told A Conference Of Rabbis To Show Civility Towards Nazis


In 1934, the New York Times reported that a historian asked a conference of Rabbis to show civility towards Nazis.

From historian Angus Johnston:

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It’s a small point, but the headline is incorrect in calling this an “NYT editorial.” It is a news article describing a speech given to a conference of American rabbis, not an editorial.


The one problem with this post: "Okay. I've found it. The absolute culmination of the "we have to build bridges with the far right" argument." Well, no actually, it means you need to build bridges with ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood and the Mullahs in Iran, organizations and places that have an impact, not some ragtag few. The Nazis were in power in 1934, as the genocidal knuckle draggers are in Iran now

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