Impeachment Poll Sees 20-Point Swing In Less Than One Week


Democrats and Independents contributed the most to the shift in public opinion on Trump's impeachment.

In just under one week, Americans made a marked shift toward impeachment, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, which found that the country is nearly evenly split as to whether President Donald Trump should face impeachment.

A September 25 poll found that voters did not believe Trump should be impeached, 57-37 percent; however, the events of the last several days appear to have changed many minds — enough to close that 20-point gap.

The Quinnipiac poll released on Monday revealed that voters are now evenly split on impeachment, 47-47 percent.

The most notable change came among Democrats, who all but unanimously support impeachment now, compared to the week before. Last week, Democratic voters were in favor of the move 73-21 percent, but this week there is far greater consensus, with 90 percent of Democrats backing impeachment and only 5 percent disapproving.

Independents and Republicans saw less movement. The former said “that the president should not be impeached last week 58 - 34 percent, and today are only slightly opposed to impeachment at 50 - 42 percent.” The latter saw virtually no change: “Republicans feel much the same today as they did last week about impeachment; today, they say Trump should not be impeached 92 - 7 percent, and last week, they were opposed 95 - 4 percent.”

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