Impeachment; Only Option

Impeachment is the only way to address the Trump personality disorder

Trump had numerous childhood disorders, diagnosed with ADHD, combined type; inattentive, hyper-active and impulsive, and clearly he also displayed traits of oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. It also appears that he had learning disorders, likely reading, writing, and math disorders. His parents sent him to military school, because they could not control him. So, he began with bad hardware.

If Trump felt abandoned or abused, he would likely then also develop borderline and narcissistic traits. (Kids with ADHD are often abused because of their out of control behavior and abused children often become bullies) If he is borderline, then yes, he is teetering on being psychotic and I think we see him get close to that level of craziness. He defends against his chaotic, frantic mind by having fantasies about himself and when people challenge his fantasies, that is when he mounts a retaliatory tirade. Then OCD personality comes into play, as he is unable to let things go. He wants to prove himself and that is another defense, to help him maintain his fantasies.

Trump is not going to change. He cannot accept his limitations, so he won't admit problems and won't seek help. One of Trump's major personality defenses is grandiosity. To let go of those notions about himself, would put him into a position of far too much vulnerability. It simply won't happen. So, simply put, Trump won't change.

Trump is a danger to the USA and the world. To save our nation, Trump must be impeached. There really is no other choice.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)