Imagine a World Unconcerned about Money

Robert Heckler

Problems actually addressed, what a concept.

Imagine if you will, that after New Orleans and Puerto Rico suffered from their horrific hurricanes, we could have immediately mounted a massive rescue effort with no effort or expense being spared.

Then imagine that we would restore New Orleans and Puerto Rico with no waiting and that we would create a total environment designed to withstand the next hurricane, again without concern for expense.

Imagine that we could learn from every experience and take appropriate action.

Imagine that all of this would not depend on billionaires and politicians capitalizing off of other people's misery and figuring out how to sell it so that they look good.

Imagine how really "Great" this nation could be if we didn't have to support an aristocratic culture for the one percent, while the rest of us lose out on health care, education and meaningful work in order to keep them happy.

A world based on money has it's problems. Many problems cannot be solved when it depends on money and depends on making sure that a very few people have a whole lot of it.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)


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