ICE Director: ICE Can't Be Compared To Nazis Since We're Just Following Orders

Asked what he thinks of people comparing ICE to Nazis, acting director Thomas Homan replied with the Nuremberg defense.

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday that comparing ICE agents to Nazis is unfair, because “they’re simply enforcing laws enacted by Congress”.

Thomas Homan employed the “Nuremberg defense” – used by German Nazi officials in an attempt to escape accountability with the claim they were merely following orders.

Homan then followed up saying he wished those against the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy would display outrage over crimes committed by undocumented immigrants – employing less charitable language:

“Let’s protect American citizens as much as you’re fighting for the illegal alien.”

Watch above.

@World of Lucky We're waaaay past the point Pence is worse, and you actually just have to take the House and then remove both Trump and Pence. Pence is the hard part.

The American Immigration Council, a pro-immigrant nonprofit, analyzed data from the Census’ 2010 American Community Survey and found that about 1.6 percent of immigrant males between 18 and 39 years old were incarcerated, compared to 3.3 percent of the native-born population in that same age group. (The Census does not specify legal status.). As of March 1, the number of homicides was 2,745. There were 1,878 people murdered by guns and 239 killed due to domestic violence incidents. Most of these violent crimes were perpetrated by native born American citizens. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, closing our borders, building walls and deporting thousands of immigrants will not solve our crime problem.On the other hand, we have witnessed extraordinary violence from domestic extremists. Hate groups continue to flourish and are emboldened. The American radical right, according to the latest count by the Southern Poverty Law Center, grew from 784 in 2014 to 892 in 2015 — a 14 percent increase. We need only remember Charleston, S.C. and the massacre of nine black church goers by a white supremacist to be cognizant of the imminent dangers that lurk within our own borders.
Mosques are being threatened, more than 100 Jewish Community Centers nationwide have received bomb threats, cemeteries are being desecrated and LGBT churches and youth are being targeted. Children from Muslim, Jewish, Hispanic and African American families are being harassed in schools. Gun violence continues to kill nearly 13,000 Americans per year.Let's acknowledge what truly threatens us.


Those who have never read even a single history book are doomed to look remarkably stupid.


Really? So did the Nazis. How ignorant can you be?


Apparently, there is no knowledge of all things historical. Man do I wish my mother in law were more coherent in order to share her WWII experiences amongst her friends. She was in Nurnberg during the war from beginning to end.