ICE Created A Fake University And Then Deported The Students Who Entered It

U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Public Domain


The Department of Homeland Security set up a fake university and enticed foreign-born students to enroll.

Approximately 250 foreign students who attended a fake university set up by the Department of Homeland Security in Detroit have now been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement since January, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The university was meant to entice foreign-born students, who were primarily from India, the publication noted, by claiming to offer “graduate programs in technology and computer studies.”

The students initially came to the U.S. legally, arriving on student visas, “but since the University of Farmington was later revealed to be a creation of federal agents, they lost their immigration status after it was shut down in January.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the school was staffed with undercover agents. The Detroit office of ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) told the publication that "nearly 80% were granted voluntary departure and departed the United States,” and about half of the remaining 20 percent received orders of removal.

U.S. officials "trapped the vulnerable people who just wanted to maintain (legal immigration) status," Rahul Reddy, a Texas attorney who represented or advised some of the students arrested, told the Free Press. "They preyed upon on them."

And “they made a lot of money,” he added. In fact, the Free Press reviewed emails showing “how the fake university attracted students to the university, which cost about $12,000 on average in tuition and fees per year,” and said the “fake university is believed to have collected millions of dollars from the unsuspecting students.”

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