“I Feel Betrayed” - In Michigan, A Business Owner Regrets His Support For Trump

U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Ridge Shan

“Trump is killing us. His bang for the buck is horrible.” -Larry Kooiker, president of Agritek

Nearly forced to cut bonuses to workers and in search of cheaper suppliers for steel and aluminum, business owners in Michigan have expressed their disdain at the tariffs imposed by President Trump, according to the New York Times.

Throughout his campaign, Trump promised to maintain a tough stance against China, which has since resulted in tariffs intended to protect American manufacturers. However, the policy has been proving to hurt production rather than to help it. Larry Kooiker, president of a factory specializing in metal parts, claimed that these tariffs have allowed steelmakers in the United States to increase their prices and in turn, hurt domestic production.

Other business owners have reported having to cut Christmas bonuses for their workers and searching for cheaper suppliers in countries like Vietnam and India. Not only this but some factories, like EBW Electronics in Michigan, have had to consider the possibility of moving production outside of the U.S. to Mexico so to avoid Trump’s tariffs.

“At 25 percent, we are not making money. There’s a threat that you cease to exist, or there’s a threat that jobs move to Mexico.” -Cory Steeby, President of EBW Electronics

Although the President’s campaign promises secured “62 percent of the votes in surrounding Ottawa County,” he has angered many in the region by putting their companies in tough positions. As the President continues to threaten to raise tariffs to 25 percent, the distrust felt by his former voters continues to grow.

“Trump is killing us. His bang for the buck is horrible.” -Larry Kooiker, president of Agritek