Husband of Reopen NC Leader “Willing To Kill People” To Fight Shutdown Order

"Reopen NC in Graham (May 2020)"Anthony Crider / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

Megan Everts

Adam Smith, husband of the leader of the Reopen NC movement, is promoting violence to resist government shutdown orders.

Adam Smith, the husband of the leader of the Reopen NC movement, recently argued in a series of Facebook Live videos that people “should be willing to kill” in order to “resist the ‘New World Order’ and emergency orders imposed by state government to contain the coronavirus pandemic,” reported RawStory.

  • Smith posted four Facebook Live videos throughout the day while he was driving his car, saying that he “feels called by God and by his understanding of the Constitution to prepare for a violent showdown.”
  • He stated that the media is promoting social solidarity and cooperation to try and “[make] it normal for this quarantine level of society they want us to live in,” and that people must fight against this.
  • When questioned about his statements over the phone, Smith originally appeared to backtrack on his statements, but then, began to push again for the possibility of violence: “The point is to instill fear in the government…. It’s to create a check and balance. We know that freedom from time to time has to be renewed by the blood of tyrants. We were founded through rebellion and bloodshed.”

Smith’s call for violence and involvement with “a boogaloo group that has been carrying firearms through downtown Raleigh signals a blurring of the line between the fringe and mainstream wings of the North Carolina reopen movement.”

  • The boogaloo movement “originated as a meme shared in online forums by gun enthusiasts that references Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo… as code for a second civil war, or revolutionary war.”
  • The movement is “anti-government” and “advocates for a violent uprising targeting liberal political opponents and law enforcement,” according to NBC News.
  • These boogaloo groups that Smith is involved with “frequently disparage the state response to the pandemic [in] terms similar to the reopen protestors,” saying that it is a “government overreach” and it is exaggerated to scare people “into giving up their rights to assemble and conduct business.”

While the reopen rallies “abide by the law against carrying firearms at demonstrations,” Smith’s words indicate that violence may still be brewing due to these pandemic restrictions.

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