Hundreds Deported From The U.S. Have Been Killed Or Harmed Upon Returning Home

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More than 200 migrants who fled violence to find refuge in the U.S. have been killed or harmed after deportation.

More than 200 migrants deported to El Salvador since 2013 have been met with death or harm after returning to the danger they were attempting to flee by coming to the U.S., according to Human Rights Watch.

The Hill reported that the international advocacy group’s new report shows they found a “clear link” between identified migrants’ deaths or harm and the situations that led them to seek asylum in the United States.

“No government, UN agency, or nongovernmental organization has systematically monitored what happens to deported persons once back in El Salvador. This report begins to fill that gap,” the report says. “It shows that, as asylum and immigration policies tighten in the United States and dire security problems continue in El Salvador, the US is repeatedly violating its obligations to protect Salvadorans from return to serious risk of harm.”

In one case, a young man who fled to the U.S. in 2010 at age 17 was returned to El Salvador in 2017, where he was killed four months later.

In all, Human Rights Watch identified 138 deportees who were killed after being deported from the U.S. to El Salvador over the past 7 years, The Hill reported. Another 70 migrants were identified who were “subjected to sexual violence, torture and other harm, usually at the hands of gangs,” after deportation.

The group has called upon the Trump administration “to repeal the migration protection protocols, the two asylum bans and the asylum cooperation agreements” and has asked Attorney General William Barr “to reverse a decision restricting gender-based, gang-related and family-based grounds for asylum.”

But Human Rights Watch has not stopped with the Trump administration; the group also called on Congress to apply pressure for changes, including “refraining from providing additional funding to the Department of Homeland Security for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement until family separation and other ‘abusive policies’ are ended.”

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