House Overturns Trump’s National Emergency Declaration To Build A Border Wall


President Trump is expected to veto the House’s decision to block his emergency declaration on the wall.

The House on Friday voted to overturn President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a border wall, yet Trump is expected to veto their decision once again, according to Politico

Alongside every Democrat, eleven Republicans and one Republican-turned-independent blocked Trump’s scheme to bypass Congress and allocate billions in Pentagon funding to his wall. 

Trump previously attempted to declare a national emergency in February, which Congress criticized as a largely unprecedented use of emergency powers. In the aftermath, the White House disclosed which lawmakers’ districts would lose military construction funding, including the seats held by over a dozen Republicans. 

“The president’s decision to cancel $3.6 billion for military construction to pay for his wasteful wall makes America less safe,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday. She added that the Trump administration is “stooping so low as to steal from a middle school in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.”

Although Congress voted to terminate Trump’s national emergency earlier this year, they failed to win enough support to override the president’s veto. Trump is expected to enact the sixth veto of his presidency.

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