House Intel CMTE Has “Audio, Video And Photos That Include Giuliani And Trump”

Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube


Indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas was subpoenaed for the material by the House Intelligence Committee.

Lev Parnas provided to the House Intelligence Committee a host of audio and video recordings and photographs featuring both President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, according to ABC News.

The evidence is reportedly related to Parnas’ efforts to assist Giuliani and President Donald Trump with securing an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine, multiple sources told the news outlet.

Parnas, a Ukrainian-born Florida-based businessman who was indicted last month on campaign finance charges, provided the materials to the committee after receiving a subpoena last month. ABC News noted that it is “unclear what the content depicts and the committees only began accessing the material last week.”

"We have subpoenaed Mr. Parnas and Mr. [Igor] Fruman for their records. We would like them to fully comply with those subpoenas," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff told CNN Sunday.

Joseph Bondy, an attorney for Parnas, said in a statement on Sunday: "Mr. Parnas has vociferously and publicly asserted his wish to comply with his previously issued subpoena and to provide the House Intelligence Committee with truthful and important information that is in furtherance of justice, not to obstruct it."

The statement continued: "His evidence and potential testimony is non-partisan, and not intended to be part of a battle between the left and the right, but rather an aid in the determination by our government of what is in the best interests of our nation."

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