House Foreign Affairs Comm. To Hold Hearings On Trump’s Relationship With Putin


Rep. Eliot Engel announced that the Foreign Affairs Committee will conduct hearings on “dark dealings” with Putin.

On Sunday, Congressman Eliot Engel of New York tweeted that the House Foreign Affairs Committee will be holding hearings on the relationship between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, according to The Hill. In his tweet, Rep. Engel labeled the relationship between the leaders as “bizarre” and cited that the “dark dealings” affect US national security.

Since the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the public and Democrats in Congress have been critical of President Trump’s relationship with Putin. Recently, the Washington Post also reported that Trump had gone to extremes to conceal the details of meetings with Putin, claims which the White House denied.

According to Engel, the hearings are to ensure that citizens are receiving the truth about meetings between Trump and Putin.

“America deserves the truth and the Foreign Affairs Committee will seek to get to the bottom of it.” -Rep. Eliot Engel


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