Homeless Man, Victim Of “Brutal Attack” By NYC Cop, Charged With Assault

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After homeless man is violently attack by an NYC police officer, the victim gets charged with felony assault.

A New York City police officer punched and dragged a homeless man off a subway train, recorded on a body cam video in May.

  • According to The City, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is charging the homeless man with felony assault for allegedly slapping the hand of the officer that was attempting to cuff him.
  • The City reports: “It was around 12:30 a.m. on May 25, according to a criminal complaint, when police approached Joseph because, Officer Shimul Saha said, he was ‘occupying more than one seat’ on the near-empty No. 6 train. Joseph left the car and moved to the next one.”
  • Joseph protested that not wanting to leave the train is not sufficient cause for arrest. In response, Officer Adonis Long reached to grab Joseph, who batted the cop’s hand away. Long punched Joseph in the face twice, then dragged him off the train.
  • The video shows Joseph subsequently crying and begging Long to stop, but Long takes out his pepper spray instead. “I’m having a panic attack, please,” Joseph cried, restrained on the ground. He called for his brother who was not there.

Prosecutors ascribe felony charges to Joseph’s actions, yielding a prison sentence of seven years.

  • Officer Long’s criminal complaint stated that he “sustained swelling and substantial pain to the knuckles of his right hand and was transported to the hospital.”
  • The Legal Aid Society represents Joseph, calling for the charges to be dropped and involved officers to be fired in the interest of justice. “The brutal attack on Joseph by these officers is both unconscionable and completely indefensible,” said attorney Edda Ness.

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American police should officially adopt their unnofficial motto: "Always Kick Down".


Punch in the face because he didn't want to be grabbed. So this gets ignored now by "progressives"becuase the big fat cop happens to be black and the pathetic victim is a little pathetic white vulnerable, who the right won't defend, either. Because according to the right narrative whites, encircled by POCs taking over police jobs and courts and money streams, must be strong warriors of the Northlands. And according to the left narrative, systemic white supremacy means the scrawny scared pasty faced white "trash" subway rider needs to "deal with his privilege". And ultimately, it was his racism that he felt entitled to swat away the officer's hand, theoretically if it was a white officer he would have said "yes sir" or just "please I am not breaking the law may I simply just ride home to Brooklyn". I think the officer should be fired and charged for excessive force - a punch in the head can at times be fatal. The victim needs a psychologist and a personal trainer because if you swat away a cop like that you are setting yourself up for drama. What a mess. Probably little will happen except the city will offer him a low easy plea bargain and unless an aggressive NYC lefty lawyer like Ron Kuby, Esq takes an interest, the cop will get off and continue to beat up and deliver his own personal payback for white supremacy in the form of rogue cop, black version.

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