Historians Will Likely Rank Trump As One Of The Worst Presidents

Artivia Tahir

Research by historians show that history is going to remember Trump as one of the worst presidents

History is likely to remember Donald Trump as one of America’s worst presidents, according to CNN.

  • Recent polls show that President Trump’s approval rating hovers around 40 percent on average, while his disapproval rating stands above 55 percent.
  • Polls also show the sitting president losing to Joe Biden by double digits, indicating there is no clear path to his reelection, CNN reported.
  • Even if Trump manages to win the election, he would have to work hard during his second term to avoid going down as one of America’s worst presidents.
  • The 2018 American Political Science Association poll and 2018 Siena College poll used reelection for a second term as a measure of presidential ranking.

The average ranking for presidents who win a second term is 14th. That's well above average given we've had 44 presidents. None ranked lower than 32nd (George W. Bush). The best was the top spot overall (Washington).

The average for presidents who did not win a second term is 30th. That's well below average. None of the presidents who didn't have a second term ranked higher than 13th (John Kennedy, who was assassinated). The worst was last overall (Buchanan).

  • If Trump loses in November, he would at the very least be considered a below average president, if not one of the worst presidents, as "The average of the APSA and Siena polls put Trump at 43rd, which ties him for last with Buchanan."

  • Trump’s only real chance at improvement would be to win a second term, which is looking more and more unlikely.

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Thats if we can recover our democracy and rule of law ... I'm not all that confident we can. I don't trust these electronic voting machines with their private software and no paper trail. If the folks who own these machines want to they can make trump president forever


Of course, propagandist CNN would spread that information. By others accounts, he is being proclaimed as the best president in History of the USA. He is the best one in my lifetime of 86-years.

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