Historian: Republicans Sold Their Soul To Trump And The Check Bounced


Presidential historian Jon Meacham said it's "fascinating" that Republicans didn't see the consequences sooner.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe, presidential historian Jon Meacham proclaimed that Republicans "sold their soul" in supporting President Donald Trump and all they have to show for the power play is a "bounced check".

Via The Hill:

"I think Republicans who are only now saying out loud what they had to know in their hearts, which was that ultimately this unconventional nominee — they sold their soul for power and the check bounced," Meacham, who also serves as executive editor and executive vice president at publishing giant Random House.

Meacham pointed to the two major wins Republicans accomplished with Trump, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and the tax bill, and said any other Republican presidential nominee would have taken them in the same direction -- but without so much scandal and high administration turnover.

"They haven’t gotten what they wanted," Meacham said of Republicans. "They have a Supreme Court justice [Neil Gorsuch], they have a tax bill, but you know what? One of those other Republican presidents who would be a more conventional and dignified figure would have given them that and they wouldn’t have to be pulling out of races saying that this president is untenable."

"So I think this late discovery of what should have been discernible is fascinating," Meacham said.

Host Joe Scarborough noted that Speaker Paul Ryan found his way to endorsing Trump within days of saying Trump had "made one of the most racist comments you could make".

There’s some things that you don’t compromise on and if somebody gets your endorsement, it has to come at a price, and that price has never been paid by Donald Trump. And now the price is going to be passed on to the Republican Party this fall," Scarborough concluded.

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No they got a few things. An ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice that will be the gift that keeps on giving and a devious new Tax Law that will rear its ugly head once they are gone.


It will take years to repair the tax code and re-institute environment preservation as well as to regain our standing on the world stage. A whole generation will be burdened with a partisan and incompetent cadre of federal judges. The only positives are that the bigotry of the GOP and the phoniness of the evangelical Christian movement have taken center stage for all to see. This is the price to pay when 46% of the electorate decided that both parties were the same and that they did not need to vote.


The loss of Barbara Bush put a face to the disgraceful way people have let their inner racist resurface. Reminded us that if we don't have civility for those less fortunate, what are we?