Himself A Racist, Trump Calls Northam’s Blackface Photo “Unforgivable”

Despite his own history of racist behavior, President Trump felt entitled to criticize Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

According to The Hill, Trump criticized the democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam after Northam apologized for a photo in his medical school yearbook which shows two men, one in blackface and the other in Ku Klux Klan robes. Northam initially admitted that he was one of the two men in the photo, but then later denied being either.

In a tweet, Trump said, "Democrat Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia just stated, 'I believe that I am not either of the people in that photo.' This was 24 hours after apologizing for appearing in the picture and after making the most horrible statement on 'super' late term abortion," Trump tweeted. He added: "Unforgivable!"

In a second tweet, Trump said that Ed Gillespie, a republican and Northam’s opponent in the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race, must be angry that his campaign staff wasn’t able to find the picture during the race.

"Ed Gillespie, who ran for Governor of the Great State of Virginia against Ralph Northam, must now be thinking Malpractice and Dereliction of Duty with regard to his Opposition Research Staff," Trump wrote. "If they find that terrible picture before the election, [Gillespie] wins by 20 points!"

The president’s remarks are somewhat hypocritical, considering that he is a racist himself. Fred Trump, the father of President Trump, was arrested during a KKK parade for “refusing to disperse from a parade when ordered to do so” according to The Washington Post.

When report’s of the arrest surfaced, Donald Trump denied the claim, saying, "He was never arrested. He has nothing to do with this. This never happened. This is nonsense and it never happened," he said to the Daily Mail. "This never happened. Never took place. He was never arrested, never convicted, never even charged. It's a completely false, ridiculous story. He was never there! It never happened. Never took place."

Trump has spent his entire political career toeing the line on racism, and now feels that he can rebuke Northam.

At a Saturday press conference, Northam stated that he did not believe he was either of the men in the photo. He also admitted to another incident in which he dressed as Michael Jackson, including blackface, and appeared at a Texas dance contest.

Prominent Democrats have called on Northam to resign, but Northam has vowed to stay in office.