Head Of Russia's GRU In “Ill-Health” After Bungling UK Assassination

Kremlin.ru/CC BY 4.0

Colonel-General Igor Korobov emerged from a meeting with Vladimir Putin in sudden "ill health", per Russian reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly gave a personal dressing-down to his top intelligence official after the second suspect in the UK Novichok poisoning was identified, exposing “deep incompetence”.

According to MSN, Russian reports indicated that Colonel-General Igor Korobov, head of the GRU, came away from the meeting shaken and in sudden “ill health”.

> Separately, a secret meeting at the Russian defence ministry — responsible for the GRU — heard angry accusations over the “morons” behind spy operations in Britain, the Netherlands and the US. Those in charge of the blunders were denounced for their “deep incompetence” and “infinite carelessness”. They were taunted: “Why didn’t you just wear Budenovka hats?”


> These hats, emblazoned with the red star, were part of the Communist military uniform soon after the Russian Revolution.


> The second Salisbury attacker has been named as Russian military doctor Alexander Mishkin (PA)


> The claims about Mr Putin’s fury came as the true identity of the second Salisbury attacker was revealed, as Russian military doctor Alexander Mishkin. Investigations website Bellingcat said Mishkin, who worked for the GRU, was the man who entered Britain using the alias Alexander Petrov. It used facial recognition technology and other research to uncover his identity.

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