A man identified as a participant in the “Unite the Right” Hate Rally is having second thoughts about attending after his identity was uncovered via social media.

A photo with Mr. Kuhn’s address and photo from the rally was sent to people around his neighborhood turning the local twenty-something into a pariah.

In a conversation with USA Today, Jarrod Kuhn revealed to the publication he is not a “hateful person”.

Some quotes from the interview:

1.” I went down to Charlottesville to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue,” Kuhn, 21, said while standing outside of his home early Wednesday afternoon. “It’s a piece of history, and I felt really strongly that it shouldn’t be erased. I identify with the right wing. I’m not a national socialist, I didn’t go down there with any fascist groups.”

2.”I’m not a hateful person. I’ve never been a problem in this community, I’ve never pushed my beliefs on to anyone, and now people feel the need to make me out to be a horrible person, some of which don’t even know me.

3.”I’ve done things here, I’ve contributed, I’ve helped out. I’m not what they’re making me out to be.”

Mr. Kuhn also attended an anti-shariah law rally in Syracuse, N.Y.