Harvey Weinstein Remains Out On Bail Despite 57 Ankle Monitor Violations

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Prosecutors say Harvey Weinstein intentionally violated the ankle bracelet monitoring requirement of his bail.

Accused rapist Harvey Weinstein is still free on bail as he awaits trial, despite prosecution’s allegation that the disgraced movie mogul violated his ankle bracelet monitoring requirements more than four dozen times, according to ABC News.

Weinstein is scheduled to begin trial on charges of rape and sexual assault next month.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge James Burke raised Weinstein’s bail from $1 million to $5 million on Wednesday, offering three options: “$5 million cash bail, $50 million security bond partially secured at 10% or a $2 million insurance company bond.” Weinstein’s attorneys indicated he will likely choose the third option.

The ankle bracelet monitoring requirement will remain in effect until his trial begins, ABC News reported. Weinstein’s attorneys insisted that all 57 incidents with their client’s ankle bracelet were merely technical glitches, such as dead batteries, and not intentional violations of his bail.

Weinstein pleaded not guilty to “raping a woman in a hotel room in 2013 and committing a forcible sex act on a second woman in 2006,” claiming that the women consented to the violate sexual acts.

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