Harvard Psychiatrist: Trump’s Psychopathy Will Exacerbate Human Coronavirus Toll



"This man is about himself, he really is not about the country, he is not about public health.”

Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes warned on Thursday that people in the United States will die due to President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic, suggesting that Trump’s need to paint his own picture of reality will adversely affect the government’s response.

Trump has repeatedly made light of the coronavirus threat, even contradicting his health officials by indicating there is little risk to Americans and saying a vaccine will be ready in the near future, when in fact it is at least a year away.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Dodes said, "This man is about himself, he really is not about the country, he is not about public health.”

"I think people's lives will be lost now, individual lives, will be lost, because of the way he is mishandling the coronavirus issue,” he added.

Dodes pointed out that during Trump’s press conference on Wednesday, the president referred to himself and the great job he is doing handling the coronavirus situation, noting that no other president would think of such a health crisis in terms of himself.

"About a dozen times, he said what a wonderful job he has done,” Dodes said. “It is hard to imagine any other president in the United States' history, when addressing the country during a public health crisis, talking about what a wonderful job he personally has done but this is where he is at, this is what he cares about.”

Likewise, Trump’s focus on the stock market also shows that he is thinking primarily of himself: "He cares about the stock market also because it reflects on him and his candidacy…it tells you where his mind is at, his mind is on him."

Dodes warned that “if we are all going to survive this,” there has to come a “tipping point” where it is revealed that “the emperor has no clothes.”

"Then everyone will understand that he has been lying all along—we haven't reached that point yet unfortunately,” he said. "The more things go badly for him, the more paranoid he becomes, the more out of touch with reality, and the more bad decisions he's going to make, the more desperate he's going to be to hold on to what he needs in his power.”

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