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According to Newsweek, Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School, criticized Jared Kushner via twitter, implying that soon, he would be “exposed” as a traitor. Kushner, the son-in-law of Donald Trump, is also a senior White House adviser.

Seth Abramson tweeted:

“I’m going to tell you now the chief thing I’ve learned from many months of research for my forthcoming book Proof of Conspiracy: Jared Kushner is now the greatest domestic danger to America. And many former US government officials know for a fact that what I’ve just said is true.”

Tribe tweeted in response:

“Jared Kushner of 666 Fifth Avenue is the beating heart of this unprecedentedly corrupt and deeply evil administration. He’ll eventually be exposed as an insatiably greedy Benedict Arnold.”

Benedict Arnold was a young hero in the American Revolution against the British. He later betrayed his nation in 1779 by switching sides.

Abramson continued to write a series of tweets, laying out why he believed Kushner to be the “greatest domestic danger to America.” He made his claims after “many months” of researching his book, Proof of Conspiracy.

“Kushner is going to get us into a *devastating* war with Iran. Jared, singlehandedly. Jared, to make money for himself [sic],” Abramson wrote. “I'll say now that Jared more richly deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life than Manafort, and Manafort richly deserves it,” he argued. “That's how bad this is.”

“Don't believe anything you hear from Kushner's attorney or from Kushner. *Ever*. The latter will always be lying to you, and the former will either be lying to you or will have been lied to by his client [sic],” Abramson continued.

“Trump circumventing our intelligence community to give his son-in-law that access is the shibboleth that made the current danger to America *possible* [sic],” Abramson warned.

“Our foreign policy is totally off the rails in a way that is dangerous, and the sole reason for this is the Kushner-Trump axis. Our values have been betrayed in ways that we may shortly feel so keenly our heads will spin. We need whistleblowers to blow their whistles now,” he said.

Finally, Abramson argued that Kushner should be sent to prison for “a very, very long time.”