Harris on Barr: There's 'Concern About Whether Or Not Our Democracy Is Intact'

Kamala Harris says the integrity of the justice system is under attack after interrogating William Barr.

Presidential Candidate and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris said she is concerned about the American democracy and the rule of law after a heated exchange with Attorney General Barr on Wednesday, according to CNN.

The interrogation came a day after Harris and other candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination asked for Barr’s resignation. The California Senator, a lawyer by training, has built a reputation as a tough prosecutor ahead of her election by questioning members of the Trump administration.

Barr, most notably, failed to answer clearly whether anyone in the White House had suggested he investigate anyone, saying he was troubled by the word "suggest," and by whether "anyone" referred only to Trump or to other members of the administration.

The Attorney General also failed transparently answer if, to his knowledge, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had been cleared by the Department of Justice to oversee the Mueller investigation.

After the interrogation, Harris denounced Barr for giving a lenient reading to Mueller’s obstruction findings, saying the failure to properly interpret the substance of the report “called into question the integrity of our criminal justice system.”

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