Hannity To Jeff Sessions: Are You Part Of The 'Deep State'?

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Fox News' Sean Hannity questioned Sunday if Attorney General Jeff Sessions might be part of the 'deep state'.

The Justice Department has refused to turn over classified documents requested by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, citing a concern for potentially life-threatening consequences – and now Fox News host Sean Hannity wants to know if Attorney General Jeff Sessions is part of a ‘deep state’ effort to undermine the president.

“Mr. Attorney General, I say this with all respect: where is your urgency?" Hannity said on Sunday.

"You need to do your job. This has gone on way too long!" he said, adding: "These are legitimate, important requests. You are not impervious, nor the DOJ impervious, to the rule of law and our federal system, co-equal branches of power and checks and balances.”

Despite the Justice Department’s concern that passing the classified information to Nunes would "risk severe consequences, including potential loss of human lives, damage to relationships with valued international partners, compromise of ongoing criminal investigations and interference with intelligence activities”, Hannity said if Sessions doesn’t “speed up the delivery” he should be held in contempt of Congress.

“If the Attorney General...does not take significant measures to find urgency and speed up the delivery of these… documents, then it is time for Sessions, [Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein], and anyone else who is obstructing Congress’ investigation to be held in contempt and face the serious legal consequences associated with it," Hannity said.

He then questioned whether Sessions and Rosenstein are "part of the swamp?" referencing President Donald Trump's "drain the swamp" campaign pledge. "Are you part of the deep state?" he asked, addressing Sessions and Rosenstein.