Hannity Says Biden Heads Democratic ‘Crime Family’ That Includes Pelosi, CNN

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

President Donald Trump’s longtime confidante Sean Hannity suggested on his Fox News program this week that former Vice President Joe Biden heads a Democratic “crime family,” according to Newsweek.

Hannity brought out the same “crime family” graphic he used during the Mueller investigation to compare Biden and his allies to a mob, the news outlet reported.

CNN, The New York Times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were all included in the family tree.

"This almost looks to me like a Biden criminal enterprise, but what do I know?” Hannity said.

The Fox News personality has joined the ranks of Trump allies promoting the story that Biden wrongly helped his son in Ukraine during his time as vice president.

"There you have it, Biden, right at the top, the second most powerful person in the country. His son raking in millions of dollars from all over the world with no experience, the easy gig on the board of Burisma holdings—no other American is going to get that deal," Hannity said.

"Meanwhile the media mob, the willing accomplices stepping all over themselves trying to protect the Bidens," he continued. "For years they simply looked the other way, ignored this massive scandal, just like they always protected the Clintons and for months now, they have been trying to cover it all up, telling us all 'It's unproven conspiracy theory—there's no evidence of any wrongdoing.' American people are smarter.”

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