Hannity: Mueller Witnesses Should 'Delete All Their Emails, Acid-Wash' Phones

Fox News' Sean Hannity said witnesses in the Russia probe should destroy evidence asked for by Robert Mueller.

Fox News host Sean Hannity suggested Wednesday that witnesses in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe destroy evidence by following in Hillary Clinton's footsteps and "acid-wash the emails on the hard drives” and their phones, then smash them into "itsy-bitsy pieces".

Via Business Insider:

The advice — which would be illegal to follow — appeared to be sarcastic and was delivered as part of an attack on Hillary Clinton.

Hannity ultimately theorized that Clinton could get away with destroying evidence but allies of President Donald Trump could not.

The host’s tirade was in response to recent reports that Mueller requested the personal phones of witnesses in order to check communications on apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Confide.

The request is related to Mueller’s belief that Paul Manafort attempted witness tampering by communicating with witnesses via encrypted messaging apps.

Read more here, watch the segment above [begins at the 3:00 mark].