Hannity Hints He Might Sic Trump Supporters On Senators If They Allow Witnesses

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Sean Hannity hinted he might publicize senators' office numbers or Congress' main number if they vote for witnesses.

Fox News host Sean Hannity suggested during his Friday radio show that he might sic Trump supporters on Republican Senators who vote in favor of allowing impeachment witnesses during the Senate’s trial, according to The Daily Beast.

“They now get to present their case to all of you Republican senators,” he said. “Don't make me start giving out the phone number!”

The Daily Beast noted that it is unclear which phone number Hannity was referencing, but in context, it would appear the Trump ally meant “either senators’ office numbers or the United States Capitol switchboard number.”

Hannity has a history of pushing his listeners to contact their representatives and other political figures in order to change their minds on specific issues, including broadcasting Congress’ main phone number during his primetime show just last week.

The host urged his viewers to call their lawmakers and tell them to “do their damn job.”

On Friday, Hannity complained that while the House has the “sole Constitutional role” to impeach, Democrats “decided in their insanity and psychosis and rage to abuse that power and bring up what is a non-case.”

“That is not what your role is in the U.S. Senate,” he continued. “Your role is also very very clear, you are to run the trial. That's it. That's what your job is. It is not your job, at all, to redo their corrupt investigation!”

Hannity’s threat to unleash Trump supporters on any Republican senator who votes in favor of allowing witnesses came just after reports that Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) was working with a “fairly small group” of Republican senators to ensure witnesses make an appearance at the trial.

Former national security adviser John Bolton, a key ask on Democrats’ witness list, has indicated his willingness to testify at the Senate trial if subpoenaed, “after his lawyers said he has relevant information about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.”

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