Hannity Blasts Fox Over Trump Poll: Change Your Method Because It's Really Wrong

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Sean Hannity blasted his own network over poll results that were unfavorable for President Trump.

Fox News personality and staunch Trump supporter Sean Hannity was incensed that his own network produced polls showing President Donald Trump to be unpopular.

According to Newsweek, Hannity blasted the methodology Fox uses to conduct its surveys, saying the network must be sampling too many Democrats.

"New York Times-Sienna College poll shows Trump in a dead heat in battleground states, matched up against the three leading Democratic candidates, Biden, Sanders and Warren," the host said. "And I always say, and I believe—Trump doesn't poll well, and I don't know what's up with the Fox poll."

Hannity continued: "I look at their poll, I'm like, okay, you're sampling—oversampling Democrats by eight points. I'm like—some outside company they hire, I'm like, okay, they need new methodology because it's really wrong.”

On Sunday, Fox News released a poll showing that voters would rather see Hillary Clinton win in 2020 than Trump — and Clinton isn’t even in the race this time around. She beat out the president by 2 points in the hypothetical matchup.

The results also showed Trump losing to all of the top Democrats in the running, Newsweek noted, with Biden leading Trump by 12 points.

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Poor, poor Hannity. Who gave this clown power. I hope when Donny goes down Hannity is there with him...


FOX..U see the writing on the wall..Play it smart..Fire all the sycophants and rebirth yourself as a REAL News cast program. Time is never better..Before the catastrophic fall..

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