Half Of Trump Supporters Say He Shouldn’t Accept Election Result If He Loses

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As for QAnon believers, 81% say President Trump should not accept the election result if he loses by a small margin.

Half of President Donald Trump’s supporters believe he should not accept the 2020 election result if he loses by a small margin, according to new polling data.

The Independent reports that the survey, conducted by HOPE not hate, a non-profit campaigning against extremism, also found that 81 percent of QAnon believers say Trump should not accept the result if he loses by a small margin.

“Overall, 29 per cent of US adults think that it’s ‘perfectly acceptable’ for the president to refuse to accept a narrow election outcome," The Independent notes.

Hope not hate, which surveyed 5,500 people last month, also found:

  • Only half of respondents are confident the election will be free and fair
  • 47 percent believe there will be enough voter fraud to change the election’s outcome
  • 72 percent of Trump supporters believe Democrats are using vote-by-mail to rig the election

Over the last few weeks, HOPE not hate has polled a total of 15,500 US adults with 80 questions on a range of political, cultural and attitudinal issues.

The information shared exclusively with The Independent was analyzed by data companies, Hanbury Strategy and FocalData, and is set to be published in a HOPE not hate study, “Fear & Hope USA” later this week.

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