Half Of Republican Voters Believe Trump Is A ‘Stable Genius’

While only 21% of all Americans believe Trump is a genius, fully half of Republican voters are inclined to say he is.

In early 2017, President Donald Trump responded to claims that his mental health is questionable by once again that he is a genius - "and a very stable genius at that!" And as it turns out, most Republicans agree.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, Americans are nearly evenly split when it comes to Trump's mental stability, but the vast majority disbelieve the president qualifies as a genius.

Just 21 percent of American adults believe Trump's intellect rises to the level of a genius, while 73 percent say it does not.

But among that 21 percent is a substantial portion of Republican voters: 50 percent of them, all told. Just 40 percent of Republicans believe Trump is not a genius. So on balance more Republicans buy into Trump's claim than don't.

The result of this poll is not overly surprising, nor does it necessarily mean that most Republicans actually believe Trump's intellect puts him into genius territory.

As the Washington Post points out, it does show just how partisan American politics has become as well as how much Trump supporters continue to support him no matter what he does or says.

An August Monmouth University poll supports that notion:

It asked Trump supporters whether there was anything the president could do that would make them stop approving of him, and it showed 61 percent of those who approved of him said there was nothing.

That amounted to 25 percent of all registered voters — 1 in 4 Americans — who basically gave Trump carte blanche to do whatever he wanted without risking their support.