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A New York man charged in connection with the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol reportedly was identified because he was sporting his high school football varsity jacket, according to HuffPost.

Brian Gundersen, a former varsity football player for Byram Hills High School in North Castle Township, New York, is facing charges after theFBI received tips about a man seen storming the Capitol while wearing a letterman’s jacket. The jacket included the name of his high school and his former jersey number.

Gundersen isreportedly 26 years old and reportedly graduated high school nearly nine years ago, in 2012.

Federal authorities received a number of tips about Gundersen, and the North Castle Township police chief called the FBI’s New York Operations Center to inform them about the man in the varsity jacket. Numerous tipsters provided the FBI with photos of Gundersen wearing the same jacket, including selfies he’d posted with Fox News personalities.

HuffPost reported that Gundersen initially told FBI agents that he had not entered the Capitol but later admitted he had, claiming the crowd pushed him inside the building.

He consented to a search of his phone, which turned up a message in which he referenced a photo showing members of Congress taking cover during the attack on the Capitol as “scared little bitches.”

In one message, sent two days after the attack, Gundersen admitted his role in the attack.

“We all stormed the us capital and tried to take over the government,” he wrote. “We failed but fuck it.”

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