Gun-Wielding Missouri Couple Speaking At RNC Owe $25k In Back Taxes

Screengrab / KSDK News / YouTube


Mark and Patricia McCloskey reportedly owe nearly $25,000 in property taxes for their office building.

The St. Louis couple that was criminally charged after pointing guns at protesters marching through their neighborhood last month reportedly owes nearly $25,000 in property taxes, according to local news station KMOV4.

  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, both personal injury lawyers, owe “ the back taxes for their office building on Lindell Boulevard,” online documentation reportedly shows.
  • “City Assessor Michael Dauphin said the couple filed an appeal of the city's assessed value for their home and office this year, but both were denied,” KMOV4 reported, adding that the couple does not owe back taxes on their home.
  • The report also wrote that “Dauphin said the city is unlikely to take action against the McCloskeys because serious enforcement usually begins in the third year of past due taxes.”

The McCloskeys were invited to a virtual campaign event by President Trump after video of their altercation with Black Lives Matter protesters went viral. They are also slated to speak at the Republican National Convention next week.


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