Group Tied To Clarence Thomas’s Wife Infiltrated Democratic Candidate’s Campaign

Screengrab/Abigail Spanberger for Congress/YouTube

Project Veritas sent an undercover operative to the campaign of Democrat Abigail Spanberger in Virginia.

A member of the far-right group Project Veritas — a group presented with an Impact Award by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, last year — was caught infiltrating the campaign of a Democratic congressional candidate in Virginia.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that officials with the campaign of Abigail Spanberger, who is in a tight race with Republican Rep. Dave Brat, said a young woman volunteered with the campaign, pretending to be a Democrat.

She was in the suburban Richmond campaign office every day for the past several weeks, The Post said, and eventually her questioning of others in the office raised suspicions.

The woman was asked to leave once staffers confirmed she wasn’t who she purported to be, and her exit was uneventful.

> “Dirty tricks like these are the worst part of politics, and this is exactly what Abigail is running to change,” Spanberger’s campaign manager, Dana Bye, said in an email. “We are proud of the campaign we have run, and wonder if Congressman Brat and his allies can say the same. While others may scrape the bottom of the barrel out of desperation, Abigail and our campaign will remain focused on talking to our neighbors on their doorsteps about the issues that matter to our community — that’s the campaign voters deserve and it’s the campaign that we believe will carry us to victory.”

According to Brat’s spokesperson, Katey Price, the congressman had nothing to do with the operation.

> James O’Keefe, founder of New York-based Project Veritas, suggested that the undercover work had borne fruit but also lamented that it was cut short by the ouster of the mole, whom the Spanberger campaign identified as Marisa Jorge.


> “As you know our reporters have been releasing videos in Arizona, Tennessee, Missouri, North Dakota and these videos have had extraordinary reactions from many of the candidates themselves,” he said in an email.

Last year, Project Veritas came under scrutiny after a woman made false rape accusations against then-Senate candidate Roy Moore, telling The Washington Post that the Alabama Republican had impregnated her as a teenager and then driven her to Mississippi for an abortion.

The claims were entirely fabricated in an attempt to trick reporters into publishing false claims and discredit credible sexual assault allegations that had already been made against Moore.

The plan failed.

It was after this scheme was discovered that Ginni Thomas honored O’Keefe with the Impact Award during an event hosted by the conservative group United for Purpose.

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