Graham: Trump, Unlike Bill Clinton, Did Nothing That Warrants Impeachment

Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

Graham compares former president Bill Clinton to President Trump.

CBS reports that in defense of President Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) insists that the president, unlike former President Bill Clinton, did nothing that warrants his impeachment.

"What President Clinton did was interfere in a lawsuit against him by Paula Jones and others, hide the evidence, encouraged people to lie. So, to me, he took the legal system and turned it upside down. But it doesn't have to technically be a crime," Graham said on "Face the Nation" Sunday. "What President Trump did here was completely cooperate in an investigation, a million documents, let everybody that the special counsel wanted to talk to be interviewed."

"I believe the president did nothing wrong. Whether you like him or not, I'll leave that up to you," he added.

In January of 1999, Graham said a president could be impeached even if that president violated no laws. "You don't even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role," he said.

Graham has changed his tune since 1999. On Sunday, Graham said: "You actually have to do something. Bill Clinton lost his law license for five years because he did something," he said. "But to my Democratic friends, if you agree with the 1999 statement I made, [and] you think this office needs to be cleansed, impeach him. It's up to you."

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