Graham To Introduce Constitutional Amendment Ending Birthright Citizenship

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Following President Donald Trump’s assertion that he can eliminate the Fourteenth Amendment’s birthright citizenship via executive order, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced he will introduce legislation to the same effect when Congress returns after midterm elections.

From The Hill:

> "Finally, a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. I’ve always supported comprehensive immigration reform — and at the same time — the elimination of birthright citizenship," Graham said in a string of tweets.

> He added that he plans "to introduce legislation along the same lines as the proposed executive order" from Trump. Congress is out of session until Nov. 13.

Republicans appear to be working to delay the inevitable: The U.S. will become a majority-minority country as soon as 2043, estimates show.

Via Quartz:

And while most Americans are unconcerned about such a development, some White Americans are increasingly anxious about losing majority status.

> The majority of Americans feel good about the US’s increasing diversity, according to an online survey conducted by the non-profit Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic in June. Only one third of people polled believe that losing a white majority will change the country for the worse.


> The survey data show that anxiety about whites becoming a minority is concentrated among Republicans.

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