Graham Thinks There Are “Good Candidates” For Jail From Crossfire Hurricane

Senator Graham during a June 3 hearing also related to subpoenas for documents related to the FBI's Russia investigation.Screengrab / NowThisNews / YouTube


The Judiciary Committee debated whether it should authorize subpoenas related to the FBI’s Russia investigation.

In a June 4 hearing for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who chairs the committee, spoke about the possibility of jailtime for those who “manipulat[ed]” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process when the Federal Bureau of Investigations investigated the Trump campaign on possible collusion with the Russian government.

Graham said,

I don't know if anybody's going to go to jail. People went to jail in the Mueller investigation. I think there are some people who are some good candidates for going to jail for manipulating the FISA application process.

During the hearing, Graham referred to “seventeen irregularities when it came to seeking warrants” in the investigation discovered by inspectors general as the cause for the committee’s investigation. Graham also claimed that the “warrant application had fallen apart” in the middle of the investigation.

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) rebuked Graham’s characterization of the issues. He said,

The FBI make serious mistakes during its surveillance of the former Trump campaign manager? Yes. I said so earlier this week. We have held a hearing on that issue. It followed an exhaustive investigation, and a 478 page report from Inspector General Horowitz… The senate took steps to try and ensure those mistakes would not happen again, including overwhelmingly passing an amendment offered by myself and Senator [Mike] Lee [R-UT] that would strengthen civil liberties and strengthen the FISA process that exculpatory evidence would be disclosed. That I would submit is the senate at its best, shining a light on the thorough and nonpartisan investigation into abuses within an executive agency…

Frankly, Mr. Chairman, you and I have been friends for a long time. What we are about to do is the Senate at its worst. Given what we have already accomplished, what are we doing here today? No number of hearings or subpoenas will change the critical facts before us. Carter Page was no more than a bit player… The serious errors that occurred, with respect to surveillance, all occurred after the launch of the Russia investigation. Everybody knows Russia did try to interfere in our election. But those errors, Carter Page errors, had nothing to do with Russia’s multifaceted attack on our democracy. Nothing to do with the fact that the Special Counsel found that Trump campaign officials welcomed Russia’s criminal intervention and attempted to exploit it…

The notion that the Special Counsel’s investigation was not properly predicated, was not worthwhile, is simply outrageous.

Later in the hearing, Graham accused Leahy of “trying to change the topic.”

Watch the stream and read the transcript here.


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