Graham: Democrats Are To Blame For Trump Welcoming Election Interference

Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham defended President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham defended President Donald Trump on Thursday after his controversial with George Stephanopoulos' interview, saying Democrats also used foreign agents to “gather dirt on Trump,” according to Raw Story.

“I’m hoping some of my Democratic colleagues will take more seriously the fact that Christopher Steele was a foreign agent paid for by the Democratic Party to gather dirt on Trump, document unverified use today to get a warrant,” said the South Carolina lawmaker.

The Steele dossier was paid for a conservative website before it was handed over to Democrats, and Christopher Steele was not working for a foreign government, according to Raw Story.

Graham’s statements come a day after ABC released an interview clip in which the president said the FBI was wrong to claim he should have informed the bureau about receiving opposition research from foreign entities in 2016. Trump also said he would like to receive similar information during the upcoming elections.

Republicans, including Trump, have since sought to manage the crisis generated by the ABC comments. The president subsequently suggested that he was referring to conversations with foreign heads of state.

Graham, for his part, denied that he supported such opposition research. “Giving you anything of value whether it be money or information on your opponent, the right answer is no.”

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