Gov't Watchdog Investigating Transfer Of Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia


The OSC is investigating whether some government office personnel decisions were politically motivated.

One of the top watchdog agencies in the federal government is performing an investigation on allegations of questionable activity within the Trump administration regarding nuclear deal negotiations with Saudi Arabia, The Daily Beast reports.

The probe belongs to a broader investigation by the Office of the Special Counsel, a standalone federal watchdog and prosecutorial organization, into reported conflicts of interest within government offices. The OSC has the authority to demand corrective and disciplinary action and is probing into whether or not officials were punished for voicing concerns about the White House's actions related to the nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia.

The counsel has also reviewed alleged improper procedure by senior Trump officials attempting to plan a resolution with Riyadh, two sources close to the OSC say. The subject of the OSC probe were previously unreported and are the first case of a non-Congressional government organization looking into a potential U.S.-Saudi nuclear deal.

OSC declined to comment when asked by The Daily Beast reporters.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have voiced concerns about relations with Saudia Arabia following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist. In a February report issued by Representative Elijah Cummings, Cummings described allegations about the Trump administration's efforts to rush the delivery of highly confidential American nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia without Congressional review, potentially violating the Atomic Energy Act.

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