Gov. Matt Bevin Refuses To Concede Kentucky Race, Citing Voting Irregularities

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The Republican lost re-election by a slim margin and has said he will not concede due to voting "irregularities."

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has refused to step down after losing a tight race with his Democratic opponent on Tuesday. Newsweek reported that Bevin cited “irregularities” in the voting process as the reason he will not concede.

Democrat Andy Beshear edged out a win with 49.2 percent of the vote to Bevin’s 48.9 percent. Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes called the election for Beshear on CNN last night, but Newsweek noted that the Associated Press withheld a declaration of victory due to the tight margin.

Bevin has not announced his strategy for moving forward — nor has he offered evidence of voting irregularities — but Kentucky law allows for three possibilities: a recanvass, a recount, and an election contest.

All of the candidates — which include Bevin, Beshear and Libertarian John Hicks — have a week to file a recanvassing request with the Secretary of State, Newsweek said.

Fox News explained that "If a recanvassing happens, the county election boards will recheck each machine and report the figure back to the county clerk."

Bevin would have until November 16 to request a recount, for which he would have to front the cost, and a state judge would oversee the process and issue the final result.

Contesting the election can only occur if the candidate’s filing has legal merit, “such as proven corrupt practices during the voting process.”

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