Gorka: Trump And Bannon Are Feuding Because They're 'Alpha' Males

Opinionated beta male and former White House Adviser Sebastian Gorka has an interpretation of the Trump/Bannon split.

Sebastian Gorka, an opinionated beta male and former adviser to the Trump White House has an unscientific interpretation of the Trump/Bannon split.

Gorka, a self-proclaimed alpha male, claims that the Trump/Bannon split is rooted in the fact that both men are 'alpha' males with strong ideas. Gorka explains that 'alpha' males tend to argue when there are disagreements in 'very,very charged' atmospheres.

“Well, they’re both alpha males, you know, and 2018 is going to be an even more important year than 2016 and 2017 so the stakes are massive, we’re on the brink of a potential DACA vote, the political atmosphere is very, very charged, but you’d have to talk to Steve and you’d have to talk to the president,” he said. “But all I know is there is one story here and it’s the left trying to divide us and we’re not going to left them.”